Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lebron’s Not The Only One Who Asks Self-Centered Questions or My Version Of Rise

                What should I do?
                Should I say it was mistake to start a blog and make these thoughts, feelings, and opinions public?  (A guy has to express his written acumen when he knows it’s what he was born to do.)
                Should I remind you I’ve done this before?  (Like every day of my life in every in depth conversation I’ve ever had.)
                Should I tell you how much fun this is?  (Cut to me, eagerly refreshing the stats button to see how many pageviews I have now.)
                 Should I really believe expressing affection in the form of funny anecdotes is fraught with peril? (Nobody takes more hits in this blog than I do.)
                What should I do?  What should I do?
                Should I add a tattoo that reads honesty while playing Billy Joel in the background so you know where I’m coming from?
                Should I just hunt for pop up ads?  (Ads?  Ads?  Shiny new pop up ads?)
                Should I tell you I am not a role model?  (Are you kidding?  I’m a smart, honest, compassionate man with a great marriage and an unflinching sense of responsibility.  I’m the role model that role models find to be a role model.  ;-)
                Seriously, what should I do?
                Should I be who you want me to be?  A villain?  (It’s amazing how talking in a candid way can earn you such a moniker.) 
                Maybe I should just stop writing.

                Should I stop listening to the voices in my head?  (Dowhatyouneedtodo.  Youdon’tknowanything. Whodoyouthinkyouareanyway?  Youcandoit.  Justbecausenobodyunderstandsdoesn’tmeanit’snotright.)
                They’re my voices.  They’re me.
                Should I trust the bloggers I know?  (Cut to my Three Wise Women of blogging talking over cheesy 80’s synthesizers:   "You just gotta get people to know where your blog is; who you are and what you’re about.  Just be patient.  After a while, you’ll make connections with other bloggers, start getting exposure to your writing, and it’ll all be sweet and easy."  Confused me:  "You mean they may all come at once?"  Three Wise Women in seductive unison:  "Umm-Hmm.")
                Maybe I should read you a soulful poem:
                Here I sit, broken hearted.  Had to shi…. (Never mind)
                Maybe I should just clear the decks and start over with another blog?  (It took too long to overcome my fears and do this to begin with.)
                What should I do?  (Cue the runaway train mash up of all the thoughts expressed above.)
                Should I be who others want me to be?
                I think I’ll just listen to the famous words authored by many but followed by few.

                Eff ‘em if they can’t take a joke.
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  1. Shut up and write! Or is the saying, "shut up and sing?"